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Everyone likes a little refreshing enjoyment in life, and what better way to have fun than to enjoy a flutter on the greyhound racing? Greyhound racing is an ancient sport that stems from coursing hunting with dogs and it was Queen Elizabeth I who over-ruled a law that stated only noblemen could hunt with the dogs. This led, indirectly, to the creation of greyhound racing as a sport.

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There are many ways of betting you can attend a betting shop and watch the races on television or go to the arena and watch them live but for those of us who like to bet from home, using the many online betting exchanges, being able to get hold of greyhound results readily is very important indeed.

This is information that is vital in letting us know whether we have won or lost, and even when betting for fun it is still a great thrill to find out you have won some money, not matter how little it may be!

The best way to find greyhound results is to use the internet, as there are many different sites that carry the results from stadiums around the country.

Greyhound results can be found by using your favourite search engine and you will then have access to site that offers you a service bringing you the results from the day's races.

Some sites offer fast greyhound results, updated in the seconds after the race has finished, and for those who are not able to attend the bookmakers or the course there is a great benefit in knowing where these sites are.